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Our integrated system helps in block all loopholes in the vehicle import management chain (Vehicle Valuation, Vehicle Registration and Vehicle Monitoring). We therefore advise the total deployment of the complete integrated system to avoid the situation where only some modules are deployed, allowing unscrupulous persons to exploit the resulting loose strings in other areas of the chain.

Integrated Solution

Vehicle Valuation

Vehicles are a vital commodity for national import-revenue generation. It fetches, or can fetch about the highest revenue when properly managed. Unfortunately, most tax authorities are unable to take full advantage of this potential. The major reason being that vehicles have complex parameters that require specialized applications and knowledge to identify, classify and value correctly. Unfortunately, these tools or requirements are not fully available at the disposal of valuation officers.

Our system manages the complex parameters used in the determination of Vehicle specifications and Customs values. This prevents importers from falsely declaring vehicle specifications and under-invoicing. The system has virtually no human intervention. At the input of the Vehicle identification number, VIN/chassis number that serves as their fingerprints, all the complex parameters that are required for Customs declaration are automatically generated. Click for full concept.

You can visit www.avvs-global.com for an example of our automated valuation system based on Ghana Customs policy and procedure.

Vehicle Registration

In most systems, the practice is that when one wants to register a vehicle, the individual goes with his hard copy of the vehicle declaration document to the registration center for certification. The vehicle details are then manually inputted into their system for onward registration.

Most Vehicle Registration systems are semi-automated and that leads to fraudulent vehicle registrations every now and then. With our system the registration is linked directly to the vehicle import database, by-passing any human involvement. All vehicle details and parameters are transferred into the registration database automatically and cannot be altered thereafter. Click for full concept.

Vehicle-Compliance Monitoring

It is a common practice for officers from the Preventive Unit of Customs to go on the road to check for un-Customed (smuggled) vehicles. This practice is not cost effective and at times inefficient. It is also very inconvenient to some motorists.

We have designed a more cost effective and efficient tool that will connect the Customs Preventive Unit, Police, National Security, Tax Force, and all authorized persons to our vehicle monitoring database through a simple mobile app on their phones.

This can be used for the on-the-spot check on all vehicles anytime, anywhere. An officer only has to input the VIN or the vehicle registration number into the app. The app will almost This means the security agents on their rotting work can apprehend uncustomed vehicle without any extra cost to the customs. Click for full concept.


Tariff Simulator

We provide a simulating tool that can be used to simulate various tax scenarios for annual budget review and policy decisions. This helps clients to maximize their revenue and at the same time, comply with the canons of taxation (ECCE).

To begin this process, we use the annual vehicle-import data to simulate various tax scenarios, compare, and then assist clients to pick the best scenario for their yearly tariff and policy review. Click for full concept.


In our advisory capacity we evaluate clients’ vehicle valuation systems. The resource needed for this process is a vehicle import data covering a minimum of one year.

At the start of our business relationship with a new client, we take an initial assessment and complete review of their systems at no cost to them. This guides us in our undertaking of a gap analysis that helps us to understand their system and identify its deficiencies where any. We thereafter give a comprehensive report that includes loss of revenue. Finally, we work together with the client to develop tailored recommendations to meet their needs. Click for full concept.

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