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System Benefits

There are enormous benefits to be derived after the implementation of our integrated management system :

Vehicle Valuation

  • Maximizes Government revenue at a minimum cost
  • Enables importers to undertake self-assessment before any importation to assist them in their vehicle purchasing decisions
  • Elimination of uncertainty in duty payable
  • Faster turnaround times for vehicle valuation
  • Automated customs classification for correct tariff codes thereby eliminating misclassification
  • Automated vehicle value generation
  • Automatically generates accurate and acceptable duty and taxes payable on imported vehicles
  • Elimination of the human involvement in the valuation system thereby curbing arbitrariness
  • Elimination of unclean data and spelling errors
  • Brings transparency and equity to the Customs processes and operational efficiency
  • Standardized and fair valuation across all entry points
  • Pre-emption of fraudulent practices and collusion between officers and importers
  • Tampered VIN/Chassis detection
  • Provision of clean data and reliable classification for accurate statistics to government for facilitating import and trade decisions

Vehicle Registration

  • Drastically reduces fraudulent vehicle registration and enforcement cost
  • Accurate vehicle details for vehicle registration
  • Faster turnaround times for vehicle registration

Compliance Monitoring

  • 24/7 monitoring by law enforcement agencies anywhere in the country
  • Strengthening of national security and the reduction of Customs enforcement cost
  • Reduction in duplication and recycling of Vehicle number plates
  • Discourages importers from fraudulent vehicle importation and registration thereby boosting compliance
  • the security agents on their routine work can apprehend uncustomed vehicle without any extra cost to the customs


  • System review/Audit and Report at no cost to client including loss of revenue
  • We also provide a simulating tool that can be used to simulate various tax scenarios for annual budget review and policy decisions

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