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About Us

Autotariff is an IT advisory company that specializes in Vehicle Import Management Systems for Customs organizations. It is often a challenge for tax authorities in developing countries to accurately identify, classify and subsequently value imported vehicles for tax purposes. This arises because Vehicles have complex parameters involved in their identification, classification, and valuation. Unfortunately, the tools required for valuation are not fully available at the disposal of valuation officers.


To attain a world-acclaimed identity in a global automated application tool for the administration of Imported Vehicle’s identification, classification, valuation, and their tax payable.


Our mission is to provide tax authorities with a bespoke software to address all the above challenges. The Autotariff web-based solution eliminates the need for any human intervention in the Vehicle Import Management chain by fully automating all the processes. This enables Customs to maximize their revenue collection to meet their target set for them by the government, at a minimum cost, at the same time in line with the canons of taxation (ecce).

Where We Are

At present we are the only company in Africa that fully and accurately automates the vehicle valuation process from A to Z seamlessly without the human involvement (i.e., from the description, classification, valuation to duty and tax payable).

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