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The Global Vehicle Import Management Software and
Customs Solution
At present we are the only company in Africa that fully and accurately automates the vehicle valuation process from A to Z seamlessly without human intervention (i.e., from description, classification, valuation to duty and tax payable).

... A world-acclaimed identity in global automated application tools for the administration of imported vehicle identification, classification, valuation and tax payable ...
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Import-Vehicle Valuation

On the input of the unique vehicle identifier, which is the VIN/Chassis number, all the complex parameters for identification, classification and values that are required for the vehicle valuation are seamlessly generated together with computed duty and taxes. To conclude we have automated all the process in the Vehicle import management System.

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Vehicle Registration

Our vehicle registration system is paperless. The document presented at vehicle registration is only for ascertaining ownership of the vehicle but not for its registration. We create a centralized database for vehicle. This serves as repository of information that is interoperable with other systems. All vehicle details and parameters are transferred into the database automatically.

Compliance Monitoring

It is a common practice for officers from the Preventive Unit of Customs to go on the road to check for un-Customed (smuggled) vehicles. This practice is not cost effective and at times inefficient. It is also very inconvenient to some motorists. We have therefore developed a system that will involve the whole national security apparatus i.e., Customs, Border Guard, Police, etc.

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